Blu Ecig Review
Blu Ecig Review 1.00/5

Blu’s brand of e-cigarette has a unique look to it, and is more popular with the younger crowd of e-cig smokers. Most smokeless cigarette devices are designed to resemble traditional cigarettes, from their white and tan exterior to the red light on the end that mimics a flame. Blu Cigs, on the other hand, not only offers those traditional colors, but they offer a black e-cig as well with a blue light on the end maiking it pretty unique and cool looking.


Blu Flavors

Blu does not offer as many flavors as the other ecigarette brands.  Blu’s flavors are made in the USA with the finest handcrafted e-liquid using natural ingredients and are made specifically for their products.  Despite the lack of flavors, they are continuing to add more and generally receive high praise for the ones that they do have.

Classic Tobacco
Magnificent Menthol
Java Jolt
Cherry Crush
Vivid Vanilla
Pina Colada
Peach Schnapps


Blu Nicotine

There are four different nicotine levels that are offered by Blu.  If you are looking for an ecigarette with a high nicotine level then Blu is not for you.  Their highest strength is 13-16mg while other companies offer 24mg.

Ultra Light:
Full Flavored:



Blu Cartridge Refills

Refill cartridges can be purchased in packs of five and discounts are offered for orders in larger quantities.  Another unique feature from Blu is that they offer their cartridges to come in black as well as tan for a more traditional look.  Also, cartridges can be purchased in two different sizes if you are looking to replace the cartridge less often.

1 Five Pack:   $12.00
2 Five Packs: $10.80 ea.
4 Five Packs: $9.60 ea.

1 Five Pack:   $13.00
2 Five Packs: $11.70 ea.
4 Five Packs: $10.40 ea.


Blu Construction

The 2-piece system is again found in Blu’s ecigarette. A unique feature of their product is the blue light on the end of the battery.  Blu’s product does not appear like a traditional cigarette in the way that other ecigarettes do.  However they do offer different color options for the cartridges and batteries that can resemble a traditional cigarette.  The refill cartridges contain the atomizer so a fresh one is used with every refill.  Also, a silicone tip in the cartridge is used to prevent leakage.

eSmoke’s Blu Ecig Review

Assuming they’ve got their fulfillment issues worked out, the actual pricing and product of Blu Cigs is great. Mostly positive product reviews, including ours, and very reasonably priced starter kits. You can bet they do that because they know once you try their product you’ll stick with it as long as you need it. And that’s great news. So you might want to call them up first and get a shipping date estimate, but besides that it’s a great choice to switch over from traditional cigarettes.

Other Products and Accessories from Blu Cigs

– Premium/Premium100 Wall Charger
– Original Wall Charger
– USB Charger
– Cases
– Batteries
– Disposables