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iSmok Ecig Review 3.75/5

iSmoke is a relatively new brand of ecigarettes. Founded in 2010, iSmok has made a name for themselves by offering their customers a high quality product at a great price. Their signature purple light illuminates at the end of their ecigarettes when in use, enabling them to differentiate themselves from the other ecigarette brands currently on the market. Along with that, the iSmok ecigs produce an excellent amount of vapor without the user having to struggle when pulling on one. iSmok does not offer as many features, flavors, and colors as some of the other ecigs, but we are sure that they will not disappoint. If iSmok continues to produce quality products, we are sure that they will continue to grow and become on of the more popular brands of ecigs.

iSmok Flavors

I mentioned above that iSmok does not offer many flavors for their ecigs.  Despite the current lack of flavors, the four that they do have are an excellent variety. Much of the feedback that we have received on different ecig flavor is that some brands do not offer a good variety. iSmok has their Classic and Menthol flavors for those that enjoy the tobacco blends and they also offer Peach for those looking for a fruitier taste. Many ecig brands have found themselves adding a Coffee flavor to their lineup as this is a popular flavor among vapers and iSmok started off on the right foot by offering it right away. While they lack in the amount of flavors offered, iSmok makes up for it with a great variety and we are sure they will add more in the future. All flavors are offered in both refill cartridges and disposables.


iSmok Nicotine

iSmok offers four levels of nicotine in all of their flavors as well as in their disposables  By offering four different levels of nicotine, iSmoke is a good choice for those looking to gradually reduce their nicotine dependancy.




iSmok Refill Cartridges

The iSmok cartridges come in three different packages allowing customers to save money by purchasing in higher quantities. The cartridges can be fit into any iSmok battery and the smooth pull can be attributed to the cartridge and atomizer combined in the one piece.

5 Pack of Refill Cartridges
20 Pack of Refill Cartridges
50 Pack of Refill Cartridges



iSmok Construction

Like we have seen with many of the most popular ecigarettes, iSmok’s ecig uses a 2-piece construction. This allows the user to easily and quickly change the refill cartridge when necessary. There is no need to mess around with liquids that make refilling your ecig a timely and difficult process. When your current cartridge runs out, simply unscrew it from the battery, screw in a new one and your good to go. This style of construction has been very popular among ecig users and we expect the ease of use to contribute to the success of iSmok.

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eSmoke’s iSmok Ecig Review

Since the popularity of ecigs has risen, we have seen many new companies appear, looking to take advantage of this new product category, only to go out of business shortly thereafter. While iSmok was founded in 2010, we don’t expect them to go away any time soon. The reason for this is that their product performs just as well as many of the top ranked brands on our website and sometimes for a much cheaper price. Despite the lack of flavors and customizable options that larger ecig brands offer, we expect to see iSmok expand their product line in the future. They have a great website and the simplicity of their current product line may even attract some new ecig consumers who are confused by the unnecessary amount of options from others. The amount of vapor produced is excellent and it can be had without any difficulty allowing users to easily get the smount of smoke they are looking for. Not only do the ecigs function well, they also look great. During use, you can tell that it is a quality product and not some cheap product. There is not much negative things we can say about iSmok other than the currently small selection of flavors. This is something that should not deter you from purchasing one of their ecig because we are sure that they will come out with new flavors in the near future. iSmok has a great product and we expect them to continue to grow.

Other Products and Accessories From iSmok

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