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Lizard Juice Ecig

Lizard Juice Ecig Review 3.37/5

Lizard Juice prides themselves on producing some of the most high quality electronic cigarettes on the market. Their website homepage even describes the brand as “the Ferrari of e-cigarettes” and we happen to agree with them. While their products may be more expensive than some other electronic cigarettes that are currently on the market, with Lizard Juice you definitely get what you pay for and it is likely that you will be more than pleased with their product. Along with producing quality ecigs, Lizard Juice also offers a wide variety of flavors for their ecigs that will surely have something that everyone will enjoy.

Lizard Juice Flavors

Lizard juice flavors come in liquid form and their large variety of flavors will keep you coming back and trying more. One flavor that we thoroughly enjoyed was what they call Lizard Milk. Created to taste similar to a pina colada, it is very flavorful and a unique flavor that we have yet to try in another ecig. The website describes the Lizard Milk flavor with the following quote,  “This vapory delight gives you pineapple and sweet cream on the inhale, coconut and warm notes of rum on the exhale.” For those looking for a similar flavor, the Dark Lizard e-juice has a splash of chocolate that once again creates a unique blend of flavors that cannot be matched by other ecig brands. Along with those flavors, Lizard Juice has plenty of options for those who like trying new flavors in their ecigs.

101 Highway
Apple Cinnamon
Bananas Foster
Blueberry Sweet Tart
Cowboy Tobacco
Cowboy Green
Cowboy Menthol
Cowboy Road
Dark Lizard
Euro Cowboy

Fruit Punch
Hazelnut Coffee
Ice Apple
Ice Orange
Ice Raspberry
Ice Watermelon
Lizard Milk
Lucky Cowboy
Orange Crush
Pina Colada
Red Lizard
Rum Punch
Strawberry Mojito

Lizard Juice Nicotine

Five strength levels of nicotine are offered by Lizard Juice. Many times, ecig users are trying to lower their nicotine dependency that they have developed through smoking traditional cigarettes. While some companies make this difficult by not offering enough strength levels of nicotine, along with a no nicotine option, Lizard Juice makes it possible for those who are interested in this with their various stengths.

No Nicotine:
Extra Strong:



Lizard Juice Refill Cartridges

Many ecig brands have offered refill cartridges for their products that contain the flavor and atomizer in one piece. Lizard Juice has gone the other way by offering clearomizers that you fill with e-liquid. Some people enjoy this style of ecig while other may opt for the simple screw-on style to avoid dealing with liquids. While Lizard Juice tends to go away from the norm in this area, they provide a quality product and this could set themselves apart from the other brands. The Lizard Juice Clearomizers do not need to be replaced every time they are refilled but will still need replacing further down the road.

15ml Bottle of E-Juice
30ml Bottle of E-Juice





Lizard Juice Construction

Like other ecig brands that use e-liquid, Lizard Juice’s ecig uses a 3-piece construction. Despite the three different pieces that are used in Lizard Juice’s ecig, you will only need to remove the tip to refill your ecig. The videos on their website show just how easy it is to put together one of their products and refill it with their e-juice. The ease in assembly reflects a product that is of high quality and shows Lizard Juice’s commitment to making an ecig that performs at a high standard.


eSmoke’s Lizard Juice Ecig Review

Lizard Juice E-JuiceAs we mentioned a few times on this page, Lizard Juice’s ecig does not fit the mold that many other ecig companies have been sticking to. We have slowly seen liquids and juices disappear as many people could not be inconvenienced to refill their ecig with messy products. Despite this, Lizard Juice has taken the best of both worlds and put it into one ecig. Sure it is more difficult than screwing in a new cartridge, but the process of refilling is actually very easy. You do not need to disassemble the ecig into a variety of pieces to refill it. The e-juice bottles are designed in a way so that you do not make a mess during refilling and the wide variety of flavors will be tempting for many new users to turn down. Overall, the Lizard Juice ecig may not be for everyone, however we feel that their product meets the needs of many ecig users and they can set themselves apart from the competition by continually providing a high quality and unique ecig.

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