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While it’s often difficult to differentiate between most electronic cigarette brands, there are a select few that really stand out of the pack. Premium Electronic Cigarettes is certainly one of those companies. With two warehouses in the US and a major distribution center located in Europe, Premium Electronic Cigarettes is one of the original makers of the 2 part electronic cigarette. Premium Electronic Cigarettes is one of the only in the e-cig industry that regularly test their refill cartridges in an FDA certified chemical laboratory. Plus, their customer service representatives are top-notch, and they offer plenty of flavors and options to keep your e-cigarette experience interesting. Premium Electronic Cigarettes also offers two different models with the difference being a larger battery that would be beneficial to heavy users.


Premium Flavors

Premium Electronic Cigarettes offers a variety of flavors for their products.  If you like to try different flavors in your ecigarette then Premium Electronic Cigarettes may be the choice for you.  They offer both tobacco blends and other flavors as well as a variety pack that lets you choose five of their flavors.

Premium Tobacco

Irish Cream
Red Energy


Premium Nicotine

Unlike most companies with a large assortment of flavors, Premium Electronic Cigarettes offers all of their flavors with every nicotine level.  Unfortunately you can only select one nicotine level in the variety pack.

0mg | 6mg | 11mg | 16mg | 24mg


Premium Refill Cartridges

Premium Electronic Cigarettes uses disposable cartridges and no liquid in their refilling process.  The user can purchase new cartridges in packs of five from $12.50-$14.50 and Premium Electronic Cigarettes says that each cartridge is equal to one pack of cigarettes. Codes are shown on their website to allow customers to receive discounts when purchasing in large quantities. All refill cartridges fit in both models.

5-Pack: $12.50-$14.50


Premium Construction

Premium Electronic Cigarettes is one of the original 2-piece products that are now frequently seen in the market. The batteries that they offer come in many different colors and styles.  They also offer skins for the cartridges that allow customers to even further personalize the look of their ecigarette.

eSmoke’s Premium Ecig Review

I highly recommend Premium Electronic Cigarettes to anyone interested in switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs.  Lots of options and a real quality smoking experience for a very low price along with the fact they are one of few FDA approved in the industry.

Other Products and Accessories from Premium Electronic Cigarettes

– Battery Cleaning Kit
– Cigarette Stand
– AC Adapter/USB charger Combo
– Car and USB Charger Combo
– USB Charger
– AC Adapter

– Car Charger
– Wall Charger
– Color Batteries
– Cartomizer Skins
– Custom Carrying Cases
– Disposables