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Frii might not offer the variety of flavors and customizable options for their ecigarettes like other companies, but their product is still one of the best on the market.  Frii’s main benefit over other products is the convenience of use. The construction of the ecigarette is only 2 pieces compared to many other company’s 3-piece ecigarettes and all while not using any liquid in the refill process. The battery on Frii products seems to last longer than most which adds to the convenience of not having to charge it as frequently. Because of the convenience and other features of Frii’s ecigarette, we highly recommend this product.

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Frii Flavors

Frii does not offer as many flavor options as their competitors but they do have a good variety of different options.  Where they lack in flavors they make up for it with their variety pack. The variety pack allows you to customize a package of cartridges with different flavors and nicotine levels that you would like to try.  Even though other companies may offer a larger variety, Frii’s variety pack allows you to try more options at a better value to find what you like and don’t like when beginning to use you ecigarette.


Frii Nicotine Levels

Frii offers four levels of nicotine that can be combined with any flavor.  The levels of nicotine are compared to different types of cigarettes you may find.



(Ultra Lights)

Frii Cartridges

Unlike other companies that use liquids, Frii only uses cartridges that do not need to be refilled.  Cartridges contain the flavor and nicotine and only needs to be unscrewed from the battery and then replaced by another cartridge to refill the ecigarette.

5 Pack of Refill Cartridges
25 Pack of Refill Cartridges
25 Pack of Refill Cartridges Variety Pack


Frii claims that each refill cartridge is equivalent to over 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes

Frii Construction

As it was mentioned earlier, Frii’s ecigarette is a 2-piece construction that consists of the battery and the refill cartridge. This is one of the simplest ecigarettes to put together and refill, because of its construction.  With fewer parts there is less hassle when using the product and it minimizes the risk of the user not securing parts or losing pieces during refilling.  Frii’s ecigarette also does not use a button and the user can simply inhale like a traditional cigarette for it to work.

eSmoke’s Frii Ecig Review

Many people who have decided to try a Frii ecig have good things to say about the organization as a whole. Their products are high quality and offer users a good amount of vapor during use. Along with a quality product, Frii’s service is also exceptional and offers a lifetime warranty on their ecig. Frii’s prices are also very affordable for what they offer and anyone looking to purchase an ecig would be wise to take a look at Frii.

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