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South Beach Smoke does a great job keeping their website up-to-date and communicating with their customers.  With a huge social media following on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, they like their customers to stay connected and are very responsive to comments and questions.  They also send out a lot of product updates, information, and discounts so it pays to pay attention. They offer just about every promotion and guarantee under the sun.  From free shipping on orders over $100 and gas rebates to money back guarantees and lifetime warranties, they offer every marketing trick in the book.  On top of that, they have some of the lowest prices out there.


South Beach Smoke Flavors

South Beach Smoke offers 10 flavors including 4 tobacco blends. They also offer two variety packs for those who are looking for an assortment of flavors to try. A comparison to popular cigarette brands is shown on their website.

Pina Colada

Tobacco Blends
Classic Tobacco
Tobacco Blue
Tobacco Gold


South Beach Smoke Nicotine

The four most common nicotine levels are available from South Beach Smoke. They are offered with every flavor and a comparison to nicotine content in traditional cigarettes is provided.

Ultra Light:
Full Flavored:



South Beach Smoke Refills

Refills are completed by simply screwing a new cartridge into the battery. Packs of 15, 30 and 45 are available and the price decreases with a larger order.  Also there are multiple variety packs available. South Beach Smoke likes to inform their customers with how much they are saving with each purchase of cartridges compared to traditional cigarettes.

15 Pack – $39.99
($2.66 per cartridge) – equivalent to paying approx. $1.77 per pack on traditional cigarettes

30 Pack – $69.99

($2.33 per cartridge) – equivalent to paying approx. $1.55 per pack on traditional cigarettes

45 Pack – $99.99
($2.22 per cartridge) – equivalent to paying approx. $1.48 per pack on traditional cigarettes


South Beach Smoke Construction

South Beach Smoke’s construction is not much different than the other 2-piece products on the market.  The cartridge screws into the battery, and the ecigarette is ready to be used.  Their product is offered only in automatic so no manual push button is available if you are interested in one of those.

eSmoke’s South Beach Smoke Ecig Review

South Beach runs a lot of cool promotions and has a very inexpensive product if you keep up on promotions and make sure you don’t order anything you don’t really want.  If you’ve got time to watch the promotions and really experience the “South Beach Membership” then their product is a great way to save some money and use electronic cigarettes.  However, if you’re just getting started and aren’t sure ecigs are for you, or you would prefer a more reliable product you can just use, other companies might be a better fit for you.
South Beach Smoke - The Best Tasting Electronic Cigarette with the Highest Vapor

Other Products and Accessories from South Beach Smoke

– Batteries
– Personal Charging Case
– Cases
– Lanyard
– Wall Charger
– USB Charger
– Car Adapter
– Disposables