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V2 Ecig Review 5.00/5

V2 Cigs prides themselves on quality, consistency and product safety. Many ecigarette users are former smokers trying to quit and V2 Cigs provides them a safe alternative to cigarettes. All of their liquid is chemically tested to provide users with peace of mind when using their products.  The ingredients are also provided on their website and cartridges come with a clearly labeled expiration date. Electronic components also go through quality testing to ensure a good product is being sent to the customer.

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V2 Cigs Flavors

V2 Cigs does not offer the best selection in terms of flavors but they do offer flavors in both cartridge and liquid form.  Many companies have gone away from liquid refilling but by allowing users to fill blank cartridges with liquid, they can customize the strength of their flavor to their liking.

V2 Red

Mint Tea

V2 Cigs Nicotine

Nicotine levels come in four different varieties and are available in all flavors.



V2 Cigs Flavor Cartridge

As it was mentioned earlier, V2 Cigs gives its users the option of refilling with liquid along with replacing a new cartridge. While many companies have moved away from liquid refills, it does allow the user to save money. Cartridges can be purchased with liquid in them or blank to be filled later. The liquid contains both the flavor and nicotine. V2 Cigs also offers orders in large quantities and variety packs to help users save even more money.

10 Flavor Sampler:


Custom Cartridges
A unique feature from V2 Cigs is their custom cartridges.  Customers can design the look of the box along with the flavor and even give it a name.  V2 Cigs provides a list of flavors that they have offered in the past, including tobacco blends, and the customer can describe what they want from their flavor. V2 Cigs will do their best to give you the exact flavor that you were looking for.

V2 Cigs Construction

The construction of V2 Cigs is like most other products in the way that the cartridge screws into the battery.  Because of the options that V2 Cigs offers, the product may very slightly.  V2 Cigs offers both an automatic and manual push button option.  Also if you are someone who is refilling blank cartridges with liquid, then the process of disassembling your ecigarette may differ slightly.


eSmoke’s v2 Ecig Review

I highly recommend V2 Cigs to anyone interested in switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs.  Lots of options and a real quality smoking experience for a low price.  What more could you ask for?

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