Vapor King Ecig Review 5.00/5

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Vapor King offers customers a wide variety of flavors and nicotine levels and are sure to have something for every e-cigarette user. Along with the varieties of flavors and nicotine levels, Vapor King also has two lines of products. The Vapor King is most like a traditional cigarette in terms of both looks and size. For people who may be using their e-cigarette more often, the Vapor King Storm is also available and more closely resembles a small cigar. The increase in size allows for the Vapor King Storm to hold a larger battery making it last longer between charges compared to the Vapor King. Customers can also find a large list of accessories and other products from Vapor King to make your e-cigarette just how you like it.

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Vapor King Flavors

Vapor King offers more flavors than an other company on the market. They have a variety of both tobacco blends and other flavors that all taste great. Another great feature of Vapor King’s flavors is the comparison to some of your favorite brands of cigarettes.

Caramel Mocha
Chocolate Banana
Cherry Cola
Vanilla 2
Cotton Candy
Root Beer Float
Apple Cinnamon Cranberry
Pina Colada
Cherry Cigar

New Flavors
Apple Mix
Hot Cinnamon
Black Cherry
Menthol Smooth
Turkish Blend
Chocolate Banana

Tobacco Blends
Flue Cured Tobacco
Congress (Parliament)
Ken Tobacco (Kent)
5 Tobacco (555)
M Tobacco (Marlboro)
Port Tobacco (Newport)
Pal Tobacco (Mall)
Desert Ship (Camel)
Sal Tobacco (Salem)
Vir Tobacco (Virginia)
Win Tobacco (Winston)
Hil Tobacco (Hilton)

USA Mint Mix
Hedy (Like 7Up)
Reno (Compares to Newport, previously called “Port Tobacco”)
Grannny Smith

Vapor King Nicotine

Again Vapor King offers customers a large variety to choose from however not all flavors are currently available in all levels of nicotine.



Extra High:
Super High:


Vapor King Refill Cartridges

Vapor King requires you to refill you e-cigarette using an eLiquid that can be purchased on their website. In addition to refilling cartridges with the eLiquid, you will also need to replace your cartridge as well. Vapor King has two sizes available in their eLiquid but not all flavors are available for the larger bottle.

Cartridges (Pack of 5)
1: $9.95 | 2-4: $9.50 | 5-9: $8.50 | 10-19: $7.95 | 20+: $6.95
Vapor King estimates 3-4 uses per cartridge

10ml (200 cigs):  $7.99
30ml (600 cigs):  $19.95

The cartridge is refilled through a hole where the tip of the eLiquid bottle is inserted. Users squeeze the bottle until the cartridge is full and then inserted into the atomizer.

Vapor King Construction

The Vapor King is a three piece e-cigarette composed of an atomizer, cartridge and battery. The cartridge is pushed into the atomizer which then screws into the battery.  The quality of construction is very good on both versions of the Vapor King and will surely not disappoint people looking for a quality product.

Vapor King Electronic Cigarette

eSmoke’s Vapor King Ecig Review

Vapor King is not one of the cheapest E-Cigarette brands on the market, but definitely one of the brands that markets to a wide range of customers. What they do, they do very well. Its customized ordering process and options as well as its wide variety of kits and cartridge options make it one of the most versatile product options on the market today.

There has been a huge response of customer enjoyment and satisfaction both with the product and also the customer support that the company continues to provide and improve. They seem to be a company that truly values the user’s experience and is looking to produce a quality product that everyone can enjoy.

Other Products and Accessories From Vapor King

– Vapor King Express Kit
– Mini Disposable Vapor King
– Vapor King Disposable
– Storm Clearomizer Tank System
– Storm Replacement Coil
– Vapor King Storm 2.0 Atomizer Body
– Storm 2.0 Atomizer Heads
– Vapor King Storm USB Charger
– Amerismoke Cartridge Adapter

– Vapor King Storm Carry Case
– Storm Rubber Caps
– Vapor King Storm Necklace
– Vapor King Storm Battery
– Vapor King Storm Atomizer
– Vapor King Storm Charger
– Vapor King eTank Upgrade Kit
– Vapor King Direct USB Battery


– Vapor King Mega Battery
– Vapor King USB Charger
– eTank Rubber Caps
– Vapor King Luxury Carrying Case
– Vapor King Euro USB Outlet Adapter
– Vapor King Battery
– Vapor King Atomizer
– Vapor King Charger