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White Cloud Ecig Review 3.00/5

Electronic cigarette users have voted the White Cloud Starter Kits as one of the best in the world. Some of the advantages that they say they have over competing products is the lifespan of their batteries and cartridges.  White Cloud also stresses the importance of a quality product to retain customers and build a strong relationship with their users through general feedback.  All the White Cloud Starter Kits come with a 6 month warrant and need absolutely no maintenance. These kits are highly recommended, so get yours today and start vaping.

White Cloud Flavors

White Cloud offers its customers a good amount of flavors to choose from. Tobacco blends and other flavors are available for purchase. A unique feature that White Cloud has is the option of purchasing just one cartridge at a low price. This allows users to not have to make a large purchase if they are uncertain on a flavor choice. Also the StealthDraw flavor is for users who want the nicotine without leaving a smell behind. Check out the White Cloud website for descriptions on their flavors.

Apache (Bold Tobacco)
Bora Bora (Mild Tobacco)
Diablo (Fiery Pepper)
Moscow Mule (Ginger and Lime)
Snap (Mint Chocolate)
Lime and Coconut
Kick (Honey and Cinnamon)


White Cloud Nicotine

White Cloud offers a good variety of nicotine levels that are available with all of their flavors.  They measure the nicotine level in percentage rather than milligrams like most other companies.  Users say that the strength levels are comparable to the other companies with 0-24mg amounts but White Cloud claims that the Double Extra is the strongest in the industry.

Double Extra:
Extra Strength:
Full Strength:
Light Strength:
Ultra Light Strength:
Nicotine Free:


White Cloud SmoothDraw Cartridges

White Cloud has recently improved their cartridges to become more reliable and affordable. The cartridges contain the atomizer as well as the liquid so refilling your ecigarette is as simply as screwing the cartridge into the battery.  Each cartridge contains roughly 400 puffs and a 5-pack is equivalent to a carton of cigarettes.  A great thing that White Cloud offers is that you can purchase their cartridges in singles and packs of five or 50.

50 Pack:
5 Pack:

$7.95 – $11.95

White Cloud Construction

White Cloud has developed multiple ecigarettes in the past and their current product shows that they have spent time developing a quality product.  They still offer a 2-piece design like most companies, but they feel that they have perfected the design to be convenient and reliable for users while other products may face problems. No leaking, cracking, messy maintenance and with more liquid than other products, White Cloud shows that they have designed a product with quality in mind.

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eSmoke’s White Cloud Ecig Review

White Cloud offers its customers a good amount of options with its products. I would reccomend the White Cloud Cirrus Starter Kit for those who are unsure on what product to purchase. White Cloud is not the best ecig on the market but it is obtainable at a low cost and as it was mentioned throughout the review, their amount of flavors and nicotine strengths will have something for everyone. A unique feature of White Cloud is their StealthDraw cartridges that do not leave any odor behind. If smell is a factor in you choosing an ecig, then White Cloud would be the way to go.

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